Michelle Duval, CEO L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
Equilibrio, Sydney Australia Executive Director, Neuro-Semantics

The field of Coaching is all about self-actualization because unlike therapy which is designed to bringing healing to people, get them to move on from the past, and to become Okay and up to average, Coaching isn’t about remedial change. Coaching is about generative change. It is about taking people to the farther reaches of human nature.

Together we, Michael Hall and Michelle Duval, have developed the Meta-Coach Training System as a new coaching approach based entirely on Self-Actualization Psychology. This allows us to use a different kind of psychology as we coach to the unleashing of potentials that enables a person to take their skills and competencies to new levels of peak performance.

The Neuro-Semantic approach to the field of Coach has been to lead out in developing the 7 models of the Meta-Coach Training System enabling the Meta-Coach to be able to know –

How to do What, when, with whom, and Why.

Recognizing that coaching involves

  • communication – a coaching conversation
  • self-reflexive communication – reflexively mindful of oneself
  • change – generative change for transformation
  • implementation – coaching the body for full integration of the change
  • systems – the mind-body system within layers of relational systems
  • self-actualization psychology for people becoming all they can become
  • business – successfully adding value for a commercially viable business

For more about the revolutionary and systematic Meta-Coach Training System, see the website devoted exclusively to Meta-Coaching as well as the award winning website of Michelle Duval.